And our seeds will be the future

We are in a process of inner reflection, strengthening complicities, knocking down certainties and learning the craft of the resistance. We are just around the corner, preparing the tomorrow struggle in the morning.

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The Associació Solidaritat Perifèries del Món is a non governmental organization for development cooperation secular, plural, progressive and independent, founded in 2010.

Learning from the South

Reposition our gaze towards the hegemonic paradigm of Good Living


Critical look

Social mobilisation for the construction of alternatives for transforming



Cooperation, networks, care and collective work


Open management

To re-formulate the organisational structures

  • Berta vive, COPINH sigue

    Berta vive, COPINH sigue

    Pesca y comunidades pesqueras Se tratan las estrechas relaciones entre la pesca y la soberanía alimentaria. Leer más Descarga PDF
  • Interview with the Ecuadorian anthropologist Fernanda Vallejo

    Interview with the Ecuadorian anthropologist Fernanda Vallejo

    "In the company of Rolando Morán, a Guatemalan from Periferies del Món, we interviewed the Ecuadorian anthropologist Fernanda Vallejo. Fernanda will tell us about her country Ecuador, reviewing the decade of the last government of Rafael Correa. In addition, she will analyze the situation of Ecuadorian indigenous and peasant communities, with a special emphasis on the role of women in keeping autonomy in their territories."

    Radio Malva. March 31, 2017 

  • Photos from the II European Conference. Youth, citizenship, transparency and fighting corruption

    University of Valencia. 11th, 12th and 13th May, 2017.